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Membership Information

Have an interest in spoon collecting? Just starting out? Long-time collector?  You’ve come to the right place.  The Northeastern Spoon Collectors Guild (NSCG) is an elite group of spoon collectors and spoon dealers.

Typically, the NSCG has two meetings a year on the East Coast —one in the Spring in Albany NY and one in the Fall (locations change each year).  In addition, there is a National Convention, hosted by a member or a club. Conventions are located throughout the U.S. and include plenty of time for sharing, swapping, selling and buying spoons from members and dealers.  The 2019 Convention was held in Charleston, SC. The club is planning a 2022 Convention for Memphis.

In addition to spending time with avid spoon collectors, when you join the NSCG, you will receive both The Coven, the NSCG Membership Directory, and The Cauldron, a quarterly newsletter. 

Inside The Coven, you’ll find the contact information and a quick guide to what all your new spoon friends collect as well as spoons they are looking for (Heart’s Desire!).  This directory is published yearly with updates noted in the quarterly newsletter, The Cauldron. 

The Cauldron, published quarterly, includes articles, authored by spoon collectors, and color photos of spoons on all sorts of topics. You can place a free ad if you want to sell spoons or are looking for something special.

Its quick and easy to join NSCG.  Dues are just $20 a year.  Simply send your Membership Form and payment to the club’s Membership Chair.  We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!

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